Interceptor mk ii … from fog to Bight to Madura Passing the time.

A foggy start at East Scodesco aka Penong Hotel. HS Interceptor mk ii was like a Lion in Quo Vadis, eating up everythink (it’s in the pronunciation) in its path.

Scodesco, Bookabie, Nundroo, Yalata … a real pity all the footy is played on Saturday it would have been good to park the HS I mk ii at Penong Oval yesterday afternoon to see the Western United Tigers in action.

Back to today and Watanabe – san remains elusive. His quads must be burning! Meanwhile excellent motoring weather for the purebred Nullabor Cruiser.

Took in the Head of Bight, Nullabor Roadhouse, Cliffs Lookout, Border Village Quarantine, down Eucla Pass with DVG at the helm, Mundrabilla Roadhouse and now overnighting at Madura Pass Oasis.

Did the Chinese hit a ‘roo in their Rav. It looked sorry sitting on the side of the road. Now it is on top of truck to be transported elsewhere.

If HS I mk ii could talk maybe we could learn more. A big 694 K day from Penong to Madura.


Interceptor mk ii The Penong Hotel beckons

Was it simply too easy to drive from Port Augusta to Penong? Probably. The HIroshima Screamer strolled away from Port A Gutter and simply kept on going.

You can look the towns up on the map, you can even take a torch to Kimba and burn down the giant Galah! Pointed west the Blue Missile was on course for another world record Nullarbor/Eyre crossing.

Gliding a quietly in and out of Streaky Bay. Good town for a revisit, up to Ceduna for a re-fuel and the to the day’s destination of Penong.

Some quiet celebrations at the bar. Penong Hotel is highly rated.

Dinner is here. Shut down system for the night.

Go Interceptor Go!

Interceptor mk ii Wilpena Pound a doodle for this Cruise Missile

A truly great day for HS Interceptor mk ii. Will the true blue cruise missile please stand up? We have launch. We have launch.

A nice stroll in the Flinders Range National Park for the V6. Never missed a beat as we paralleled the old Pichi Richi railway line and attempted similar gradients.

Greatest moment was probably ascending Jarvis Lookout just near Hawker. As I recall some 200+ metres above sea level. Up a dirt road for a commanding view. Some pics were taken so it can be said that HS I mk ii was here.

Back down to the flat saltbush of Port Augusta for a rest before heading out on the highway tomorrow as the return to WA continues.

“Oh what a feeling!” A cliche of some import, but it needs to be rolled out in endorsement of what the Blue One achieves on a daily basis.

Interceptor mk ii : The return commences

If Broken Hill was half distance then we have turned for home in good form. Mission accomplished, our work is done here.

Not really raising a sweat as far as HS Interceptor mk ii is concerned. Tried some new roads between Peterborough and Port Pirie and then up to Port Agutter (deliberately sick), but it was good to have a full head of steam for the Blue Cruise Missile.

Now parked outside room #4 at the Pastoral Hotel/Motel, 17 Stirling St.

500 easy k’s today, more trouble free motoring from the ageing road rocket.

Interceptor mk ii The day I saw an echidna.

Errands, errands all ways always errands. HS Interceptor mk ii takes the quiet road to the Mundi Mundi Plains for a few MM2 movie scene re-enactments. Must say thought it went really well.

The first of the V6 Interceptors? More car laughter.

Back up to Mad Max Museum. The sticker is in the glove box (sans gloves) but it should be on the back window. An echidna was spotted and a closer examination called for. Impressive.

Ride the dips and crests back to the ‘Hill. I wonder if the ‘Isa is like this?

A few quiet laps of town looking for hotels. Southern Cross is found. The Northern is found, but not open. “A man is not a camel…”sadly does not work at this pub!

Apart from another laundromat run that is about it for the day HS Interceptor mk ii. Blue Missile sits across the road from the Royal Exchange in Broken Hill in absolute anticipation of the haul to the Ports of Pirie and Augusta. Ready for launch. Counting 10-9-8-7…

Interceptor mk ii …the reason for the trip was Dominique’s birthday

The work of HS Interceptor mk ii was a simple assignment to ferry the Three Stooges around the Republic of Broken Hill (but not Broken Hill Sth) locating scenes from reproductions of old photographs that Dominique Stooge had.

An explanation is required here. D Stooge aka Dominique Joseph Van Gent was born here 59 years ago to the day ie 24/07/1954. That was part genesis for the great eastern trek, the other parts being the Mad Max obsession of Les Stooge aka Leslie Charles Bonser, and great desire by Grant Stooge aka Grant Allen Woodhams to unleash HS Interceptor ii on a real road trip.

So many things were accomplished in the urban setting of Broken Hill. Photographic assignment was a great success and HS Interceptor mk ii had some stand in roles acting as cars from the 50’s.

Stooges G and L are also finding all the active pubs of Broken Hill and BH Sth and will eventually rate them. Nothing like putting some under the limit meaning into a human life. A car just drinks petrol, err well at least an old fashioned on like the Blue Missile does.

Also saw four Rollers today at Mr Kevin ‘Pro’ Harts gallery. He is dead. I didn’t know he was a RR Rolls Royce collector. Would he have been interested in a stock standard Toyota Motor car? What sound does a car make when it laughs?

Interceptor mk ii …Dead Feral Cat excites Menindee

Leisurely day aboard the starship HS Interceptor mk ii as Dom, Grant and Les take a small exploratory trip east to Menindee. The question remains why? An easy assignment for the chosen craft with a belly full of regular 91 fuel.

The road in itself is probably more interesting than the destination.

We saw the Lake(s), had lunch and turned around. The ambitions then were threefold 1) photograph the dead feral cat in the middle of the road. Done. 2) photograph the stuffed animals watching television at the side of the road. Done. 3) photograph an Interceptor mk I part of the road. Done.

A side trip into Broken Hill South, rapidly becoming the pub locations of choice, to enhance our appreciation of what makes for a good Hotel. The Alma qualifies.

Parked up again on sunny side of the street. No anticipation of great road travels tomorrow.